Shifting Gears in the New Year

I started the Sir Barton Project five years ago as I worked on Sir Barton and the Making of the Triple Crown because I wanted to share Sir Barton and his era, especially those tidbits that I knew would not be a part of the final product. From this project’s inception in the summer of 2013 to now, Sir Barton and his story have taken me on quite a ride and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity. He will continue to occupy a special place in my heart and I will continue to advocate for him as opportunities arise.

In 2020, I began my second full-time writing project, this time to chronicle the lives and careers of our second and third Triple Crown winners, Gallant Fox and Omaha. Over at the Foxes of Belair blog, I will continue to share what I learn about the history of this sport as it relates to Belair Stud and its two Triple Crown winners among its many champions. In 2021, I will be shifting my writing to that site. The Sir Barton Project will remain and I may occasionally update as Sir Barton related topics arise.

To every reader of this blog, I thank you for the time you’ve taken to visit and read more about Sir Barton and his era of racing. I hope you will join me at Foxes of Belair in 2021. You also can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at both @thesirbarton and @foxesofbelair on all three platforms.


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