A Writer’s Job

sbfrombook09142016I found this image in a book on the Triple Crown winners (10 at the time) published in 1978. I literally had never seen this photo before I got that book so I’m going a-hunting for it. The book credits the image as coming from UPI and I’ve already contacted them in an attempt to find it. It looks similar to this image so I’m thinking these are from the same day in October 1920, when Sir Barton was at Kenilworth for the match race with Man O’War.

This is part of the job of chronicling Sir Barton’s story. I’m determined for it to be complete and I’m endeavouring to track down leads for anything that might be a vital part of the story.

Thank you for joining me on this journey!


2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Job

  1. I have information on Sir Barton’s remount career first at Fort Robinson Nebraska and then with Dr. Hylton in Douglas. Information pulled from the files at Fort Robinson and the archives in Denver, CO.


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